Corporation introduce

The Domestic Trading Departmentwhich is one of branches of Tianjin Foodstuffs Imp&Exp Co., Ltd, is specialized in the “Great Wall” Brand canned foods of domestic business so many years. Represented by “Great Wall” series products such as chopped pork & ham, pork luncheon meat, corned beef and otherexcellent products, demestic sales have increased substantially. Guaranted by the superior quality of Great Wall canned products, which have been sold worldwide for decades, our products have rapidly developed into the leader of domestic canned meat brands.

After years of intensive work in the industry, the department has completed the preliminary layout of the domestic market of Great Wall canned goods series, and has relatively perfect online and offline channels. It has maintained good cooperative relations with many platforms of online tmall supermarket, JD self-operated, Yihaodian and offline traditional KA shop Sam's club. Relying on excellent quality and perfect health market channels, Great Wall brand canned series to become one of the fastest-growing products of customer stickiness, favorable received thousands a month, and the Great Wall brand canned chopped pork & ham is one of the most popular product in taobao shop canned pork class C for many years, item sales volume far surpasses other domestic similar products.