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        The lndustrial Products Branch, which is one of the branches of Tianjin Foodstuffs lmp & Exp Co., Ltd, is specialized in the “Great Wall” Brand canned foods such as chopped pork & ham, pork luncheon meat, corned beef, corned mutton, asparagus, preserved vegetables, picked cabbage, water chestnut and white peaches in syrup. The “Great Wall” Brand canned foods, as one of the traditional exporting products in our company ,has enjoyed the best sales in more than 30 countries and areas, and is warmly acclaimed by customers all over the world. Due to the excellent quality, the carefully selected materials and unique process, the “Great Wall” Brand canned foods has been excelling in color, smell and taste since exporting for a half century. 
        The “Great Wall” Brand canned chopped pork & ham is widely known in Hong Kong as the “White Piggy” which is the substitute for ham to housewives and “the best choice for the smart housewife”. Accounting for 60% of the Hong Kong market share, the product has become the most representative and classic type of Chinese canned foods; Since the era of Planned Economy, the “Great Wall” Brand steamed beef and steamed pork have taken the lead in the markets of the Soviet Union, Commonwealth of independent States and some other areas; The “Great Wall” brand canned corned beef and canned corned mutton have been honored as Gold medal and Silver medal Quality Products of the People's Republic of China separately and enjoyed high reputation at home and abroad. Until now, they still dominate the markets of Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia; The “Great Wall” Brand canned asparagus, white peaches and some other canned fruits and vegetables have met with warm reception in Europe and Japan. Known as the “King of Canned Vegetables”, the “Great Wall” brand canned asparagus is delicious in taste and pleasant to palate, and won the gold medal of the SIAL- international Food Products Exhibition in1992; The “Great Wall” Brand canned corned mutton, which is also known as “Double Sheep”, enjoys a high reputation and popularity in Middle East areas because of its carefully selected materials and unique taste, and has equal shares with the Argentine “TARKET” brand canned corned beef and mutton.