Corporation introduce


      TIANJIN HUALI CASING CO., LTD. is owned enterprise of Tianjin Foodstuffs Imp. & Exp. Co., ltd. , was established in Oct. 1996, Located in Liqizhuang Township, Xiqing District, Tianjin,China with convenient traffic. Takes up an area of 3610 square meters, the production workshop is 685 Square meters, equipped with 54 casing operating tables which can hold 80 workers to work at same time. The main products of the company are: salted sheep,goat and hog casings. The production capacity are 1 million hanks annually. The whole manufacturing process is strictly designed in compliance with the health requirements for natural casing facility of Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine of P.R.China. and EU. In Aug. 1997, the company was approved by CNCA (The Certification and Accreditation

Administration of P.R. China.) for processing of exporting casings , approve number:1200/05003. The company got the EU approval for processing and exporting casings in 2003,it is one of first 18 Chinese export casing enterprises approved by EU. And then got the registration qualification of JP-MAFF (Japan agriculture, forestry and Fisheries).

 Tianjin Huali Casing Co., Ltd. mainly use the raw material imported from Australia, New Zealand, France and Poland, as well as domestic raw materials without disease from pest free area. The main products are salted sheep/goat casings and salted hog casings. The main export countries include: EU., Japan, Brazil, South Africa and Australia etc. The average annual production capacity is salted hog and sheep casings 1500 casks, more than 99% of the products are exported, export amounts  About 20 million dollars annually.

     The company has set up and implemented very strict sanitary quality management system which strictly monitor raw material and production process. The company carry out verification and inspection rigorously from the raw material imported to the finished products exported, standardize 12 sanitary standard operating procedures, inspect strictly the items of safety, to assure the product safety, sanitation and quality to be effectively controlled. The company establish customers files, master the information of the customers, keep abreast of the safety of the raw material area, so as to avoid the pollution of pesticides, veterinary drugs or other harmful substances from air, soil, water, feed and fertilizer. The  inspectors skilled, experienced, can operate independently of the production process.  The spot sampling rate shall be no less than 10%, to provide with firm and reliable assurance for producing the goods of high quality.

      Tianjin Huali Casing Co., Ltd. have enjoyed high reputation both at home or abroad. The leading tenet of the company always adhere to “Quality Management System improving continuously, assuring the safe goods and providing the customers with the best products.”

The company sincerely invite both domestic and overseas friends to visit us and establish trading-partner relationship to create our prosperous future together.